Past Installations

Public art for the West Harlem Art Fund, Inc. can include traditional exhibitions, digital projections, photo installations, storefront windows and live performances. Whether commissioned or curated through our  public art program, The West Harlem Art Fund, Inc. encourages audiences to not only think outside of the box – but to live outside the box. New York Cityis our canvas. In one of the greatest cities in the world, we have the opportunity to experiment ideas, re-shape open spaces & influence community development. But West Harlemis our home. Slowly becoming a creative hub where new restaurants, tall ships, and professionals reside,West Harlemis experiencing an exciting change. And art will be a major focal point for this community that is home to great architecture, stunning views of the Hudson River and new production which we are proud to be apart of.

Counting Sheep at Times Square with Kyu Seok Oh/West Harlem Art Fund & Times Square Alliance 2011

Sleeping Beauty with Kenjiro Kitade/West Harlem Art Fund & NYC Department of Transportation 2010






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